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Glutanex Advanced Glutathione Formula Skin Whitening & Fairness Cream (Made In Korea)

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Brighten Your Skin with our fairness cream for oily skin of Men & Women

Is your skin still oily and stretchy even after washing your face day-and-night?? Or the dust, pollution present in the air are degrading your skin tones?? If you are looking madly for the answers to such questions, better give a try to Glutanex’s fairness cream for oily skin working wonders for both men and women!!

In fact, the cream powerfully balances the pH levels of all skin types - be it sensitive, dry, normal, or an oily one. As a result, your skin becomes more defensive towards bacterial, environmental, and various non-bacterial infections. So, moisturize, replenish, and glow your skins better for treating them well in any of the adverse conditions where survival becomes the top priority.

Buy fairness cream for women and treat their skins better

Every type of skin has its unique needs whether it is of a man or a woman. So, if you buy buy fairness cream for women and men both and apply it nicely on wrinkles or fine lines, then for sure your skin is protected organically from discoloration or dead cells.

And before you buy it and expect from it to treat your skins better, it becomes mandatory to know a bit about these takeaways: -

  Prefer applying the cream twice or thrice a day on the red area of your face or dark spots.
  If your occupation demands from you to expose your skin to the sun for more than 2 hours, better use the cream at night only. Later, apply sunscreen later after washing your face.
  Be patient and wait for four-to-six weeks to get results such as no dark spots, reduced redness, zero black and white lines.

Planning to use our fairness cream for a year or longer!! Hold On and consult a dermatologist (either a nearby one or your own). And one more thing to remember - never get caught up by online ads claiming their products can change the color of your skin (i.e. from dark to bright). This is because no cream can completely change or transform the natural skin tone of yours….

Add to cart your night cream for glowing skin

Indeed, our radical-free night cream for glowing skin won’t take longer in convincing you to believe in its potential of making your skin elastic, brighter, and shinier. Once introduced to our faces, the cream will: -

  1.act as a shelter and protect you from Ultraviolet rays, bacteria, virus, and other germs.
 2. Reduce the signs of aging if you have any or many.
 3. Provide natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin to your skin so it glows uncontrollably in every season.
 4. Reduce/remove pigmentation, dark knuckles and spots.
 5.Supply essential acids to maintain as well as balance pH levels of your skin tones.

Quite impressively, if you are traveling somewhere or will plan to travel post the pandemic era, then also accessing its benefits is possible for sure. But the fact is that you need to apply it gently and always on time!! Meanwhile, harmful and unstable molecules present in the air you are breathing will try to damage the tissues of your skin and make it more vulnerable to environmental damage.

Thereupon, the cream equipped with many antioxidants will give protection to your skin cells and maintain its brightness so that you don’t feel regrets about walking for a few hours on a longer road prone to so much pollution.


Yes, our skin brightening cream for men isn’t only available on Amazon, but also on other renowned e-commerce websites like Flipkart, meesho, or any other. All you need to do is pick your toxin-free, 100 percent Vegan product up and shop happily - just by sitting on your couches!!

Talking about the main ingredients, the first is AloeVera, good for dark, oily skins. Then, you will find Turmeric that deals well with impulsive dark spots. Also, there are three more such as Vitamin E, Glutathione, and Rose Hips. All of them work together brilliantly to defend your skin against bacteria, pollution, and dirt thereby maintaining its glow in every season.

The Glutanex cream mildly makes your skin fairer, grease-free, and non-oily in a small period. Also, it is nourished with multiple skin lightening properties like reducing melanin (which if produced in excess can create dark patches on your skin or also cause skin discoloration), preventing over dryness, redness, and other infections.

In addition to giving flawless complexion to a male’s/female’s skin, this cream boldly protects your skin from not only dust but other skin impurities like dull skins, black heads, white heads, etcetera. Moreover, dead cells won’t be problematic once the cream is applied thoroughly on your faces and as per the instructions.

Awesome Cream for Your Face

This fairness cream For women and men and men brings radiance and glowing skin by removing pigmentation and controlling anti-aging.

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Glutanex Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream

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Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream

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Glutanex glutathione intensive skin whitening night cream has scientifically formulated natural ingredients with Vitamin C as a base. The product has been developed in Korea. It is a natural skin-lightening cream for women and men. The night cream for glowing Skin can be applied to all types of skin. The skin type can be oily, dry, normal, or sensitive. The formula helps in removing the age spots, dark spots, scars, acne, dark circles, and so on. Applying Glutanex glutathione skin whitening cream for 7 regular days removes dead skin cells’ layers and produces naturally lightening skin tone in women and men.

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Recommended By Doctors

With over 12K satisfied customers, Glutanex glutathione intensive skin whitening night cream has been highly recommended by medical practitioners and doctors.


I needed a fairness cream for men that can deliver me the sense of loving my skin, smells nice, and offers a natural lightning glow on my skin. Glutanex glutathione intensive skin whitening night cream delivers all and assures acne and pigmentation-free skin every morning.

Alexander Graham - Heart Specialist

Using and applying Glutanex glutathione intensive skin whitening night cream is a delight every day. I use this fairness cream For women and men as it delivers long-lasting natural fairness as contains a Vitamin C base.

Merry D’costa

It produces a radiant. A scientifically formulated skin whitening cream for men is keeping skin hydrated and moisture according to the skin type. I also appreciate the ingredients list, which is equally as amazing.

Tomas Morris

Glutanex glutathione intensive skin whitening night cream has developed a smooth texture, lightening fairness, and controlled anti-aging development on my skin. It protects me from dry, cold weather and UV rays.

Joe Wilson